1. Muscle Man. DIY Munny/ Bub

  2. Rigby in the Sky with Burrito in the style of the Beatles music video for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


  3. Mordecai Portrait by Brian Lasan

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  4. oweeeeendennis:

    "Portable Toilet" by Toby Jones and myself airs on Monday!

    This was our first board together and probably our favorite. We were so pumped when we got this board because it seemed to fit both our types of humor perfectly.

  5. oweeeeendennis:

    What am I doing??

    This guy is a Regular Show storyboard artist and writer. Check him out!

  6. oweeeeendennis:


    .:Party Pete:.  If you guys watch the Regular Show, you’ll recognize this guy.  I did this piece a few months ago, having fun with digital color and limited palettes. I hope this touches your tra la la.


    (Source: chrisvisions)

  7. mordecai-put-your-phone-away:

    look at this dork

  8. santafeu:

    Congratulations SFUAD alumnus William Salyers, the voice of Rigby, on another successful season of The Regular Show!  We can’t wait to see you in Season 6.